The subject India and the World, taught as an intensive subject to Masters students, is designed as a comprehensive review of some of the key issues related to India’s worldview and its behaviour towards the external world. It familiarises them with the origins and conduct of India’s foreign policy. Apart from taking stock of contemporary thinking and policies of the country, the major thrust of the subject is on the following areas:

  • a.) Mapping the historical trajectory and pre-colonial roots of India’s Foreign Policy
  • b) Institutions and decision-making process
  • c.) Intellectual debates on the nation’s external relations in both the pre and post independence era (esp. Moralism-Realism-Pragmatism)
  • d.) Culture of Strategic Thinking in India’s relations with the outside world
  • e) India and its Neighbourhood (esp. Pakistan & China)
  • f.) India and the Great Powers (esp. USA and Russia)
  • g.) India and the Nuclear Weapons debate (History and contemporary policies)
  • h.)India’s approach towards Multilateralism (esp. Non-Proliferation, United Nations, Humanitarian Intervention, Trade and Environmental regimes)